Laws are present all around the world in order to make our lives better. They are made keeping in mind the welfare of its citizens and the progress of the nation. But at times, specific laws make you wonder the process and why it was formed in the first place. In a large city like New York, there is considerable scope for such laws and today we are going to list some down for you. So, here are a few of the most strange rules seen in the books of New York.

The Pinball Machine in Beacon

Pinball is a game many grew of playing and enjoying. But one cannot play the game in Beacon, New York. Yes, that’s right. It is unlawful for an individual to play Pinball, which also happens to be banned in all arcades. The law also states a provision which subjects citizens involved in the offence to jail time or a fine of $1000 on a daily basis. Although the main reason behind this law may not be known, the past has a few answers. During the early 1940s and 60s, lawmakers believed that the game was a racket run by the mafia and a considerable waste of time for the youth.

Ice Cream Cones and Transportation

This law is even more strange than the previous one. According to this law, one must not transport an ice cream cone in their pockets on a Sunday because it is illegal for you to do so. The origin or the formation of this law is not clear, but some believe it to be related to a particular where ‘someone’ apparently walked through the streets of Manhattan with an ice cream cone in his pocket. This ‘someone’ caused a certain kind of problem which led the lawmakers to enforce this regulation.

Clothes in the Car

As a move to maintain peace and order, Sag Harbor in New York has a law which prohibits an individual from changing clothes in the car. According to Chapter 121 of the village of North Haven, Suffolk County Administrative Legislation it is illegal for any individual to change their clothes in any vehicle or automobile on the streets.

Slippers After 10?

Believe it or not, but you cannot wear slippers after 10 pm and walk through the streets of New York. This is a known law which many people have failed to understand. Its relevance and regulation is still a mystery.


Some may call flirting to be an art, but according to the books of law in New York, it is an offence. Yes, that’s right. Flirting is an offence which holds a fine of $25.